Who Won in the Battle of 2019's Christmas TV Adverts?


Who Won in the Battle of 2019's Christmas TV Adverts?

By Jess May

Every year from November onwards, all Brits (advertisers, marketers or otherwise) pay a bit more attention than usual to their TV screens. Yes, they're waiting for the return of I’m A Celeb. But they’re also paying extra attention to the adverts.

This year, as with every other year, we’re sitting back and being judgemental, all in the spirit of Christmas. Here's a selection of ads we’ve loved and loathed for Christmas 2019.


Ikea’s gone in hard for its first ever UK Christmas ad.

With grime artist D Double E starring as a range of critical knick-knacks around a tired looking home, you'd hardly expect this to be the top choice for music in a Christmas advert. But oh, how it works.

This one brought laughs all round in the office, and it was a refreshing change to the usual Christmas ads you see. A great idea, well executed, and fantastic stand out.



We love that Visa has used real shopkeepers in its advert this year.

With high streets shutting down across the country, it was lovely to see small business owners coming together to show how much it means to them when people shop local.

With a lot of shoppers becoming savvier about what companies and brands mean to them and where they want their money to go, we feel this hits home in a strong way.



The quintessential Christmas TV ad. Presents being delivered in a modern way. Old people acting young. Kids singing and playing musical instruments. Parents making it home just in time for Christmas.

It’s the stuff we love at Christmas. Cheesy, but not horrendously so. All hail Amazon, the saviour of the last-minute gift.


John Lewis

Another shot at an emotional Christmas ad from John Lewis. It’s cute, the mascot is perfect to make some cuddly branded toys for kids to fight over, and the soundtrack is going to be another bestseller.

Sure, it’s cute, but is it just us or are John Lewis ads not hitting home like they used to? The bond between the girl and the dragon didn’t seem as strong as the relationships created in previous ads like bear and hare or Monty the Penguin. And it wasn’t as relatable as the little boy waiting all year to give his parents their present.

Sweet sentiment but missing that special something.



A heart-warming tale of a dad unleashing his inner child and joining his daughter in a drum solo. And far less unsettling than those blue aliens, or the ‘Christmas Fool’.

The set is Spike Jonze-esque, reminiscent of his Apple ad as the walls pull back and seamlessly extend the room. Still, we can appreciate this set and the use of household appliances for effect (the fridge smoke machine was a nice touch) and the timing regarding the track and syncing it to the drummers is great.



Sainsbury’s ads have managed to be winners in recent years.

This one follows the idea of how Christmas came about, with Sainsbury’s almost seeming to take credit for the creation of Santa. In the words of another grime artist, they may be getting a bit too big for their boots.

It’s a good effort with beautiful filmography, but is anything ever going to top their 2014 ‘Christmas Truce’ ad?



We’re pretty bored of Kevin the carrot now. And it feels a little late to be throwing in a Greatest Showman reference. The idea of the Leafy Blinders was refreshing, it’s a shame they were only in it for around 10 seconds. Unless their ads take a bit of a turn, as they tend to release a series, we feel that Kevin is about to be overstaying his welcome.


Dog’s Trust

This little guy got mixed reviews around the office. Some found it emotional and thought it hit home pretty well, others didn’t really understand why the dog was made from corks, or that they chucked him out after just one day. The sentiment behind it, we all understand. The execution maybe left a bit more to be desired.


Marks & Spencer’s, Boots, Iceland and Walkers

We didn’t even fancy rating these separately.

M&S - Go the food route, yawn.

M&S - People dancing in Christmas sweaters, double yawn. And stop trying to make shoulder shrugs happen. They’re not going to happen.

Boots - Throw in every popular trope they can find, another yawn.

Walkers - How do you manage to mess up getting Mariah Carey to do a Christmas ad? The woman is Christmas!

Iceland - This one just felt a little lazy to us. We get it, you’re Iceland. She makes things out of ice. Frozen this, frozen that. A good merch opportunity at least.

2/10 for all of the above

Which of this year's Christmas TV ads is your favourite?