A Short Message From the Team


A Short Message From the Team

By Natalia Ashton-Togher

Despite the huge impact that COVID-19 is having on our business, it’s very much business as usual here at Bugler Smith, but with some new and necessary precautions put in place.

Obviously our number one priority is the welfare of our people, clients and suppliers, so we’ve had to change how we do things temporarily to make sure they’re protected at all times.

The entire team is now working from home and you can reach them via email or by calling the mobile number on their email signatures. We’re also using Zoom to conduct all meetings remotely.

We appreciate the next few months are going to be turbulent for many businesses and industries across the UK, so we’d just like to say to all of our clients - we’re here for you and we’ll do our utmost to help.

Things aren’t going to feel normal for a while, but we believe it’s important to try and maintain a sense of normality during these strange and scary times. So expect to see more lighthearted content from us over the coming weeks and months. We feel like the world needs it.