Amplifying a Live Brand Experience Using PR and Social


Amplifying a Live Brand Experience Using PR and Social

By Victoria Burke

There’s a danger that we see live brand experiences as one-off activations that live and die in the space where they’re activated.

All brand experiences have the potential to be amplified through social and PR, it just needs to be considered at inception stage.

As part of planning a live experience, you need to look where your tribes are, where they’re hanging out (both physically and virtually) and make sure that you’re there with them. However, you don’t need to rely on the live activation alone to get your brand into your audience’s hearts and minds.

The live activation might be the initial catalyst for your brand experience, but virtual audiences can also have the chance to get involved as you start to cascade your message.

Once the big idea and activation is agreed, the initial thinking should focus on how you’re going to promote the event to your audience. Nearly 60% of people will learn about an event through social; so, based on location, interactions etc. find your tribe and let them know what’s going on. They can even let you know if they’re thinking of coming along (and you might even incentivise this).

The second step to amplifying your message is thinking about what’s shareable about your activation in the physical, i.e. what are you doing on stand or at the event that means your audience picks up their phone and does something they can share with friends and family?

That’s what’s going to help you achieve more brand reach and hopefully give your audience some sort of FOMO (fear of missing out) that might encourage further interaction at other events.

Did you know that 84% of people who engage with a live activation say that they have an intention to share something on social?

The third step is to take the big idea from your brand activation and create something digital for use online or on social that doesn’t just talk to your audience, but encourages them to ‘do something’ – to experience your brand in a different way that is fun and memorable. This might be in the form of gamification, which is a great way to ignite the senses and help people store your brand in their memory as a positive interaction.

The fourth and final step is to make sure you utilise PR wherever possible. If you get your activation right, then the event will naturally gain some organic coverage off the back of it and involving your PR team from the beginning means they’ll know which activation will be the most newsworthy.

The involvement of your PR team also means they’ll know which media and influencers on the day (who are aligned with your brand values) will amplify the message to a much wider look-a-like audience.

Remember, an experience is personal to your audience. It’s all about the time they get to spend hanging out with your brand, in order to get to know you better.

Don’t see this as another chance to ‘tell’ someone about your brand, but consider it a real and authentic way to allow your audience to know your brand better and, in turn, enable you to understand how your audience reacts and engages with your brand.