Summer Roadshow

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With a desire to reach families in a targeted period, we were tasked with creating an experiential roadshow that would result in positive brand engagements for those that interacted with it.

Utilising their brand mascot, Churchie, we created a branded environment that was easily transportable to locations with high numbers of families visiting.

2,200 ice creams distributed across four locations and 3,500 interactions

To reach families in a targeted period, we created a branded ice-cream van that went to four seaside / beach resorts across the UK, dishing out free ice cream as well as other branded items for families to make the most of their day at the beach.

To increase reach, we utilised social media to encourage followers to request stop-off destinations throughout the tour, as well as using the channel to promote our official stops.

A competition to win a year of free insurance cover from Churchill was also created and ran across all of the brand's social channels.

Creatively we ensured that the summer theme was rolled out across all items for social as well as at the events.

“We’ve had a great day at the beach, thank you for the free ice cream and beach ball”

The events themselves resulted in over 1,000 organic brand mentions across social channels and met the client’s objective of delivering positive brand experiences to a family audience.