Lungworm Campaign

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Hot on the heels of a PR and social campaign to promote the dangers of lungworm to pet owners, we created a second phase of the campaign and took it on the road to amplify the message while utilising the power of face-to-face communication.

750% increase in website traffic

To garner as much media coverage as possible, we created a doggy-friendly pop-up ‘restaurant’ with a twist. Snails and slugs are primary hosts of the parasite lungworm and widely considered to be a delicacy in France, but should a pooch happen to eat one they could possibly contract the deadly disease.

The activation itself was used as the basis for us to capture content to then share across the Vets4Pets social channels throughout a sustained campaign period to educate dog owners. Famous dog influencers came along too and helped us to spread the message far and wide.

This campaign was launched as the primer for a national television campaign selling a product that offers protection against lungworm.

Estimated reach of more than 17 million

During the campaign period, we generated 120 pieces of media coverage and reached an estimated audience of more than 17 million people across PR and social, delivering a 750% increase in traffic to the lungworm website page.

The supporting paid social campaign, which promoted the monthly lungworm treatment available in practices, also resulted in 70 requests to book an appointment through the Vets4Pets website.