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After successfully delivering a non-travelling two-week roadshow at BookingGo’s head office in Manchester that saw over 90% of colleagues attend, we were tasked with taking the event to Barcelona. Delivering the same messages, but within a limited time period, our challenge was to make sure the delegate experience wasn’t affected.  

90% colleague attendance to a voluntary event

With a lack of understanding from all colleagues on the business strategy and objectives following a merger with, we created an experience that encouraged colleague participation at every step of the way.

This hands-on approach meant that delegates remembered far more after the event in a follow up survey and felt that their opinions were valued.

“This was such an engaging event, it’s refreshing to work for a company that doesn’t just talk at me, but values the importance of a two-way conversation and interactive learning”

Colleagues who attended the event fed back that they had learnt something new.

When asked three months after the event if they understood the strategy and vision for the business, 93% of colleagues asked said yes, an increase of 37% compared to before the event.